Chris and Len have a history of endurance adventures including ultra marathons, adventure races and together in 2010, a kayak crossing of Bass Strait. They undertake these adventures to break out of their everyday synchrony, exceed their perceived limits and to feed their paleolithic, caveman instincts.

This adventure is inspired by the Westfield Sydney to Melbourne races held between 1983 and 1991, at the time, one of the toughest in the world. The idea to follow in these footsteps will however only be 3 weeks old when Chris and Len set-off. But an inspiring idea and two weeks of annual leave is an opportunity, by their own account, not to be lost.

Lastly, please consider these two thoughts: 1. the loss of biodiversity on Earth threatens life as we know it - it threatens supplies of fresh water, food, medicine, clothing, housing and the viability of oxygen-producing forests. 2. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew predict that one fifth of all plant species are at imminent risk of extinction. Chris and Len, both with science background are really hoping to make a positive impact on this situation. They seeking to use their love of adventure to raise a very modest $2,000 needed to save one of Australia’s rarest plant and one they will pass near on the Hume Highway, the Grevillea iaspicula. Please see sidebar to read more about the Royal Botanic Gardens ‘Save a Species’ initiative and help them :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How's training?

For me, my 'speed' fitness is at an all time high. Perfect if I were preparing for a 10k run. Oh. That's unfortunate.

Towards the end of last year I increased my training to be consistently over 220km a week leading into the long races.  This steals a lot of the week's time (not sustainable when there is plenty else to do!) but did adapt my body to comfortably running with fatigued legs, though not very fast. This year I have focused on speed - that is sprints on stairs, hills and flats - and it's had a incredible impact on my 100km trail race pace.

Thinking up the 900km race with Len, with 3 weeks lead time, hasn't left much time to adjust back to the long km's strategy. So with a 10km run every morning an evening I have to clasp at whatever other kms I can grab on the weekend.  Even after a good bender.  Check below vid for some running action on the way home from Woy Woy last Sunday.  A gnarly ferry ride across broken bay then some fun splashing through puddles running around the headlands of the northern beaches. Some wind burn. A few strange looks from strangers sheltering from the occasional rain torrents. A grumble from me as I added km doing unnecessary circles around falcon st.  An Arnie like "how are you" from my housemate as I arrive home - after leaving him behind in woy woy's gnostic coffee shop 4 hours earlier.

Yep - next time ill get someone else to hold the camera still.

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